The Ultimate Guide to Styling Men's Leather Jackets

A wardrobe costs money: The majority of clothing eventually becomes worn out and must be replaced. The exception to this rule is an exquisite men's leather jacket, which is an investment that will last a lifetime and beyond. It is a statement piece that you will give to your children or even consider passing down the family tree given a good quality piece. While considering purchasing a tasteful piece of outerwear for their closet, men ordinarily search for factors like quality, fit, variety, and flexibility. 

The business sectors are overflowed with a countless variety of jackets, overcoats, blazers, denim wears, making it a difficult decision to conclude which one will suit their style and requirement. When it comes to purchasing men's leather jackets, however, there is no room for confusion because they are the best option available for men's outerwear, as perceived by the majority so far.

Importance of men's leather jackets

  • Leather is resilient. It will be difficult to locate a coat or jacket made of a stronger material. A well-maintained leather jacket will outlive you and survive for many years.
  • Leather quality comes with a gouge or a scuff, the actual clothing will not be damaged despite the character-enhancing scrapes and bruises. Considering its lifespan, it might actually cost less than any other item in your closet.
  • Protection is key. You are shielded by leather. It has long been the preferred option of motorcycle riders due to its propensity to act like a strong second skin; while it can't protect anyone from the most serious scratches, it does provide a respectable barrier between your own skin and the outside world.
  • Even without waterproofing treatment, it offers extremely water- and wind-resistant protection from the elements.
  • Leather endures forever. Your leather jacket will always be in style because leather is both enduring and durable. Additionally, it is overtly macho.
  • Truth be told, class is all men seek in clothing. The rugged appearance of an outstanding leather jacket might be the best reason to acquire, given its free reign to feel strong without being ostentatious. It is the one piece of clothing that every man needs to own.

How To Choose & Pair Popular Leather Jacket Styles For Men

1. Balance the tone of the Jacket 

A high-quality leather jacket will serve you for many years. Working with the inherently macho attitude of leather jackets can be challenging. Keep your cool by pairing them with some "softer" pieces. Beanies and scarves look wonderful in the winter, and more fitted jeans and low-cut shoes work well to avoid highlighting your upper body.

2. Fitted Chinos & Shirt

Try wearing your leather jacket with chinos and a button-up shirt for a somewhat dressier appearance. For a night out or a more formal event, this style is perfect.

3. Biker & Bomber Jackets With White T-shirt

Since the truncated design of the biker/bomber jacket allows riders to lean over their bikes without the fastening digging into their bodies, it was originally made for motorcyclists. This jacket alone will give you a competitive edge. The biker jacket typically has more features than other types of jackets, including buckles, zips, poppers, and more. It also almost always includes a collar and wide lapels that allow light coloured T-shirts to go well. The outlook is simple yet filled with confidence.

men leather jackets

4. Fabric Stays With You

The second is the fabric; there are two choices, including suede and genuine leather. Amongst the different types of leather jackets choose a true leather jacket, be careful to condition it regularly with leather conditioner to keep it looking nice and stop it from sagging over time. Before spending a lot of money on real leather, be sure you're really ready to take good care of it. Real leather is costly and challenging to maintain. Apply a waterproof protection to the suede if you love the way it looks to help protect the material. Since suede is less resilient and more prone to wear and tear than real leather, be sure to protect it as effectively as you can.

5. Jeans Are Gems

A T-shirt and jeans pair like no other. This is a timeless and simple leather jacket outfit. Simply put on your preferred pair of jeans and a plain T-shirt, then add the jacket for an instant dose of chill.

6. Avoid Overstyling

Avoid wearing boots, baggy clothing, collared shirts, and anything formal. The whole point is to balance the "statement" of your jacket; let it grab the spotlight and keep the rest of your ensemble simple and unassuming.

Men's leather jacket will never really go out of style if you choose a straightforward, timeless design like a double rider or an A2-type bomber because it will match more items in your wardrobe. Avoid using bulky embellishments, extra zippers, etc. Less is more, always! Additionally, to make sure your purchase lasts a long time, consider the material. For instance, while lambskin may be smooth and supple, it is not nearly as durable as cowhide or goat!

7. Visible Stitching & Sleeves

Also, known as topstitching, is the stitching that is visible on the "right" (top) side of the jacket. The topstitching distinguishes a high-quality leather jacket from its less expensive competitors. Pair it with formals to create an aristocratic look.

Less expensive jackets use low-grade synthetic materials for the lining. They have poor respiratory systems, and they normally break down first over time. The sleeves and body of the best leather jackets are lined separately, and the body is frequently lined with a better-quality insulating material.

Because of its inherent durability and dependability, leather has been used by humans since ancient times. Those who are aware of its advantages never select another fabric for a jacket. On the off chance that you boil down to purchase a piece of leather wear, read its advantages first.