The Brief History Of Leather Jackets in Fashion

Ever wondered why a fashion item that dates back ages is still a fashion staple among us? Be it bikers, musicians, party dressers, or anyone else, a leather jacket steals the show with an effortless look. The preference for wearing a leather jacket, whether it is the first time you go on a date, your first day at college, or your first live show on stage with a room full of audience members going gaga over your performance, remains paramount amongst 90% of the population that owns it. 

Leather jackets appear to be the ultimate high-fashion apparel, made from a fusion of functionality and fashion that matches every instance of your appearance.

The versatile outfit it is, tops over all forms of denim and cotton. There are many types of outerwear in this similar category, but what a leather jacket brings to the table has unmatched taste. It is that one item that has been a preferred choice for centuries, and we still have people expecting more and more of it from fashion.

Tracing the origin and history of leather jackets

There is no definite timeline to assess how and when leather jackets were discovered, but it was the early 1900s that caught the attention of the first leather jacket, worn by the Germans. It was during that time of the war when the world was struggling to find its peace, whether it was political or in fashion. 

Biker jackets, or bomber jackets, are quite similar to aviator jackets that got attention during the early 1900s, worn by pilots to combat high-altitude cold weather. It was a significant part of the military uniform, giving a timeless appearance to the pilots.

Military clothing had been identified as the origin of fashion during World War I and influenced the ongoing trends in society for centuries to come. Not only the Germans, but American and British pilots adopted a similar sense of fashion while designing the military uniforms to create a standalone look while ensuring utmost safety from the weather.

Earlier, the colour of the jackets was not of much significance compared to the quality and the design, but given the modern transition, colour has also stood out to be a familiar choice option among the population, making it a prominent piece of clothing and a refined example of a silhouette since the early 1900s.

The cult status

People wearing leather jackets were and are still designated to be a part of the "leather" cult. Since the Second World War, transitioning from an element of the biker uniform, leather jackets have become the "savage" outwear for groups and individuals claiming a stronger appearance. 

Previously, vintage leather jackets were considered to be of the hooligan spirit and were also banned from being worn on formal or decent occasions.

Stirring the interest of designers, they began to design outfits that revolved around this piece of clothing and style and gave the world a better outlook in terms of choice and preference. 

Our forefathers must remember how Elvis Presley wore and showcased a biker jacket while going on stage, becoming the first musician to proudly acknowledge this piece of clothing in front of the whole world, thus defining the cult's spirit. 

Designers failed to recall a time when leather jackets did not showcase status in fashion; rather, it is believed that the fine piece of clothing that it has become stands to be a hallmark of style and a definition of trend with its many iterations, installing a permanent mark in the home of fashion.

History of leather jackets

Celebrity preference

It does not take much time for common people to adopt fashionable and trending outfits worn by celebrities. Taking reference from the origin, today’s actors gladly accept the chic outlook of a leather jacket and look upon it as an object of inspiration to portray in front of the entire generation. 

The most confident characters on television were or are showcased wearing leather jackets, thus designating a certain character that creates an identity with the romanticised world behind your television screen. Also known as a symbol of rebellion, the jacket not only creates confidence but also gives identity to a personality that can be cherished year after year.

Hollywood became the first ground for a celebrity to wear a leather jacket, proudly delivering the leather jacket fashion by one of the most celebrated actors, Marlon Brando, who played a dangerous character in "The Wild One." And then the fashion rippled across the equator to give us the trend of where we are now.

Another benefit of being a 21st century resident is that today we can have our clothing tailored to properly fit our bodies without having to pay the high cost that males had to pay to a tailor. 

Men now have more options to affordably design the jackets of their dreams thanks to online stores. Men who are sick of wearing ill-fitting clothes and having few colour and style options are turning to custom leather jackets as their new go-to item.

Today’s modern fashion

The leather jackets have only increased in performance and acclaim, gaining popularity with time and ageing like fine wine. Favourite millennial personalities like Kate Moss and Demi Lovato swear by leather outfits, jeering at their performances, making this piece of fine clothing a popular fashion choice among us. 

There is a lot to be thankful for to the designers who have put their heart and soul into the various styles of leather jackets available today, suited for every personality who wishes to stay in trend. 

Today’s leather jackets not only have minimalistic designs, stitching borders, and basic to vibrant colours, but they are also made to suit every occasion.

It feels great to look back on the exciting journey that a piece of clothing has had, from the battlefield to becoming the "leather jacket in the 90s", and further gaining acceptance in the world of glamour. 

So if you wish to have a signature look, take a look at some of the fine pieces of clothing we have in store, and we sure know you will not leave without buying one.